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Credits & Copyright Disclaimer

Media, Graphic, Photo & Video
EU Copyright Directive (PDF) -

All rights to use photos, videos, texts and graphics have been granted by the individual copyright owners for each piece in accordance with the EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive. This includes all and any material used in our promotional services, offline services, content, features, projects, technologies or functions offered by DAVO and all related services, whether we have taken the photographs ourselves, used images from UNSPLASH, or our clients and partners have supplied them on an ongoing basis.


We take the processing and handling of our clients and partner's media material very seriously and we only use their media in accordance with the terms of the EU Digital Single Market Copyright directive. For the purposes of this Credits & Copyright Disclaimer, the term “media material” means any promotional and/or copyright-protected photos, videos, graphics, texts, contact details, emails, links, social links, locations, addresses or other information related to users of our services, including but not limited to clients and partners (legal entities).
The legal basis for processing their media and personal data in accordance with the said activities is based on their acceptance of our Terms and Conditions, the GDPR, the EU Digital Single Market Copyright Directive, and other publishing and copyright-protective standards, as a condition of being our funder, beneficiary, member, sponsor or partner.

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Effective from 01.01.24
Last updated 01.01.24